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"I am living and breathing the SAT, ACT pressure tank right now. My daughter took her 3rd SAT last weekend and will be taking the ACT tomorrow morning. She is a top student taking all AP and Honors classes and gets straight A's. She is number five in a top performing class of 401 students and she is struggling with these tests. She is an extremely hard worker, did score above average on MCAS but the whole SAT/ACT tests are proving to be a challenge. Her score has made a jump with each test, but it's true that it is not a test of what you know, it's how you are trained to take these tests. Watching this could not have come at a more perfect time for me. My daughter this week was the recipient of the Harvard Book Award, she had an interview and they were impressed with everything she has accomplished with the exception of her very average SAT scores. Their advice to her is bring up those scores and you will have many options. More pressure in regards to these tests is not what she needs. Every word being uttered in this film is as if someone is reading my mind. These tests are crazy and way too much emphasis is being placed on them. Thank you for shedding light into what is very wrong with our educational system. I can't wait to share this! This is amazing, important, and very well done!!"

-Cheryl R

South Yarmouth, MA

"WOW. POWERFUL. I cried during some parts. What are we doing to our kids???? The pressure to take the SAT was nothing like this when I was a kid in the 1970s. I hope more elite schools go test-optional soon.... Many thanks. I look forward to screening this in my community."

-High School parent

Long Island, NY



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