In this well-researched, compelling, and surprisingly human documentary The Test & The Art of Thinking, filmmaker Michael Arlen Davis takes on a Goliath of the education world: the SAT.

- Casey Tinston

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“Examines the higher ed system as a whole, ultimately showing that 'intellect' is subjective – and often difficult to measure. This informative documentary, just like a student’s life, is about far more than a test.”

- Georgi Presecky

Impressionist Media

"Explains everything that’s wrong with using the SAT in the college admissions process"

- John DeFore

The Hollywood Reporter

"Finds only more grounds for controversy — including the exams' encroaching effect on what gets taught in high school..."

- Robert Abele

Los Angeles Times


- Ken Jaworowski

The New York Times

"A brutal takedown of a practice now warping K-12 education"

- Daphne Howland

The Village Voice

“A deep and honest exploration into whether standardized tests are fair, accurate, and really, whether they even work.”

- Joshua Mandell


“Outstanding and truly thought-provoking”

- Neely Swanson

Easy Reader News

“Explores, in great depth, the flaws of our current system”

- Christopher Llewellyn Reed,

Film Festival Today

"The real stars are the students, and the student voice is used to great effect by producer Michael Arlen Davis. The students in "The Test" aren't clueless - they're clued in. They're frustrated by the system, but they see the big picture clearly, and they care about their futures."

- Movie Review


"What I love about this film is that it debunks many of the myths associated with the test and with how people view their scores and how colleges use the test."

- Kristin Tichenor

Worcester Polytecnic Institute

"Film Asks If SAT Tests Fail or Help Students"

- Esha Sarai

VOA News

"Funny, appalling, bleak and well-documented, The Test and the Art of Thinking is a must for parents of high-schoolers, or for that matter kids who'll be there anytime over the next few years."

- James van Maanen


"Vital and invaluable to anyone taking the tests or who have relatives taking the test, making it a must see..."

- Steve Kopian

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Exam Documentary ‘The Test and the Art of Thinking’ Gets Release

- Dave McNary